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Portfolio of Dandelion

HOT BLEND was a performance event hosted by PRØVEROMMET BERGEN at Visningsrommet USF during the OKTOBERDANS 2016. An event initiated and compiled by the artists Elias Björn and Clara J:son Borg.
The thematic direction of HOT BLEND is towards discussions surrounding the human body, its politics, social choreographies, performativity and emotional labour. As an event HOT BLEND likes to promote moods of silliness, seriousness, foolishness, emotions and conversations. HOT BLEND also aims to provide its audience a possible temporary platform in Bergen for gossip production.

HOT BLEND showed works by four artists: The Mirror Stage by Mari Norddahl (NO), Nifty by Tracy Hanna (IE/NL), Planted Flower by Elias Björn (SE/NO) and The Letter U by Clara J:son Borg (SE/NL).

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Mari Norddahl (1990) works with body, mind, object oriented ontology and collective consciousness. Through performance and sculpture, she uses shapes and themes that follows an organic aesthetic and have a similarity to the corporal. She is interested in how we perceive ourselves, how preconceived assumptions affect our perceptions and how we exist through our consciousness. Can you unlearn your life experiences? Be reduced to a state where you have no understanding as yourself as an individual entity? Norddahl is currently in the second year of the MA in Fine Arts programme at Bergen Academy of Arts and Design.

Tracy Hanna (1984) is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has exhibited recently at: Extra City, Antwerp (2016); Wolphaertstraat 69 01, Rotterdam (2016); Project Arts Centre, Dublin (2015), MAC Birmingham (2014). She makes art with found objects, voice, drawing, words, sculpture, video, music, and is open to exploring other means also. She is unsure about what her practice is definable as, and thinks perhaps it needn’t be defined at all. She writes in various ways and has been published in several Irish publications. She co-organizes with Emer Lynch, the spoken word event series, Foaming at the Mouth in Ireland. She is automatic on-stage lyricist for Rotterdam based band, The Postpeople.
Hanna graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam in 2016, with a MA in Fine Art.

Elias Björn (1979) is based in Malmö (SE) and Bergen. Björn’s artistic focus revolves masculinity and the establishment of one’s own identity, often in relation to norms of the society. He uses many different kinds of mediums; photography, performance, sculpture, voice and texts. Presently he is a student at the MA in Fine Arts programme at the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, graduating spring 2017.

Clara J:son Borg (1986) is an artist from Sweden, based in Rotterdam (NL). The attention of her works and research is directed towards staged situations where verbal language and bodily movement find themselves interacting. By setting up and enacting these staged situations (mainly executed through video and performance) her aim is to provoke moments where verbal and physical communications methods fit loosely to one another. She understands this looseness as a way of storytelling, but also as an invitation to observe different elements of interpersonal relationships, social choreographies, knowledge hierarchies and bodily relation to physical space and images. J:son Borg graduated in 2016 from The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, with an MA in Fine Art.