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The Skyfall-variations

Several works with different mediums revolving the title song Skyfall from the Bond-film.

Where you go I go, performance, aprox. 5 min

In connection to the opening of exhibition RIFT at Bergen Kjøtt April 29, 2016 in Bergen, Norway.
Performers: Fredrik August Wyller, Jone Torheim Slettebak and Tobias Oliver Moberg Træen
Photographer of performance: Anna-Karin Andersson.

Listen to sound recordning by pressing here.

Let the Sky fall, performance, aprox. 15 min

In connection to PAB Open at Lepramuseet, September 17, 2016 in Bergen, Norway.
Stillphotographer of performance: Christian Alexander Marx.
  Excerpt (3 min) of video documentation by Hans Christian van Nijkerk.  
  Documentation (aprox. 9 min) from exhibition Let the Sky fall at Konstepidemin, Gothenburg in Sweden. 1-23 October 2016.

Let the Sky fall, sound installation, numerous variations looping
  Let the Sky fall, performance together with Jan Rådvik, aprox. 15 min. 23 October.  
  Excerpt of 2 min 34 sek.