HOT BLEND was a performance event hosted by PRØVEROMMET BERGEN at Visningsrommet USF during the OKTOBERDANS 2016. An event initiated and compiled by the artists Elias Björn and Clara J:son Borg.
The thematic direction of HOT BLEND is towards discussions surrounding the human body, its politics, social choreographies, performativity and emotional labour. As an event HOT BLEND likes to promote moods of silliness, seriousness, foolishness, emotions and conversations. HOT BLEND also aims to provide its audience a possible temporary platform in Bergen for gossip production.

HOT BLEND showed works by four artists: The Mirror Stage by Mari Norddahl (NO), Nifty by Tracy Hanna (IE/NL), Planted Flower by Elias Björn (SE/NO) and The Letter U by Clara J:son Borg (SE/NL). 

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